Aerial Film Scanner 150

AFS 150

Aerial Film Scanner 150

The solution for your historical aerial photography

Fast and precise scanning solution for film and photos

As single sheets or automated from roll film

AFS 150 - the components

Aerial Image Types With the AFS150 you can process all aerial image types - both automatic film rolls and single images

Historical aerial images

Since the beginning of the 20th century, aerial photographs were taken from airplanes. This type of analog imagery did not end until the first decade of the 21st century. During these 100 years or so, millions of aerial images were taken.

Currently, most of the images are still on film or photos in archives - all over the world. Mostly they are stored on roll film and sometimes they are in the archives as individual images. With the outdated, slow film scanner technology, it is hardly possible to digitize these valuable contemporary documents within a few years.

What's needed is a much faster technology – what's needed is the AFS 150!

Phase One Phase One

The heart of the AFS150

An acromatic frame camera from Phaseone is installed in the scanner. The iXM-MV150F has 150 Mpixel.

The AFS150 does not require image stitching.

Geometrical calibration helps to get high accuracies characteristics for scan area. The achromatic Phaseone camera has a recognized excellent image quality with 14 Bit and a dynamic range of 84 dB.


Colored aerial images

Colored aerial images are generated by the AFS150 as combination of 3 individual images. So the red and green and blue image has the full resolution of 150 MPixel.

The final image is a Tiff file as RGB with full color and up to 42 bit color depth.

The AFS150 works without pansharpening!

Phase One

Simple software interface

Scanning is very simple. Nevertheless, there are all the options that the customer needs.

Phase One
Aerial Film Scanner 150 Solid metal construction - the basis for precision

Key features

  • Fully automatic film roll scanning
  • Scanning of single frames
  • Native: 23 Micrometer
  • Optical: 20 Micrometer
  • Optional: Scanning of photos
  • One calibrated camera system
  • 14 bits per channel
  • Full resolution for red, green and blue
  • Geometrically calibrated
  • Radiometrically calibrated
  • No Bayer array
  • No pansharpening
  • No image stitching
  • Simple operation
  • Moduled system
  • Camera flexible system
  • Automatic cropping of the images
  • Automatic dodging of images
  • Automatic color balancing of the images

Easy operation on the scanner

Phase One

Technical specification

Resolution Native: 23 Micrometer
Optional: 20 Micrometer
Media Roll Film (manual/automatic); Individual Frame Positive or Negative; B/W or Color transparency
Geometric Accuracy ±3(2)μms RMSE for X-Axis and for Y-Axis
Radiometry 14(12,10,8) bits per sample
Optical Density 0.001 to 3.7D
Dynamic Range 3.1D
Illumination Computer controlled LED matrix 64x64
Sensor 150 Mega pixels (3.76 μm)
Lenses Linos Lenses 60mm
Scanning Range Roll Unit 256x242mm; Cut Sheet 256x242
Image Format Tiled TIFF, Strip TIFF, TIFF 6.0 JPEG, JPEG2000
Bandwidth per channel 8/10/12/14 bits
Operating System Windows 10™ (64 bit)
Dimensions 0.86 x 0.7 x 1.16 m
Weight 102 Kg.


Image Size: 233 x 233 mm Black & White True Color
Scanning Time* 3 sec 9 sec
Post Processing time* 25 sec 40 sec
* Based on Intel i7 CPU, can be faster on other CPU

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